Services Offered

At On The Beach Counseling we specialize in a number of areas, but also offer therapy that meets the general needs of those seeking help.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual sessions are perfect for those looking to work solely on themselves to improve their quality of life. We are able to focus one-on-one on the areas in your life that you are struggling with and get to the root of what's causing those issues.

Couples Therapy Sessions

Couples therapy is great for those who are in a relationship and looking to improve communication, those that are engaged and wanting to create a strong foundation, or for couples who are married and need to reset where they are.

Group Therapy


Group therapy may be a perfect fit for you if you need a reduced rate for sessions and are looking to learn from the experiences of others that struggle with similar issues to what you struggle with. You build a bond with others in the group while you all grow.

Specialty Areas of Service

Please see the drop-down list under "services" in the menu to see more information about our specialty service areas like depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and parenting issues. If you have questions about pricing, where to book, and how therapy works click here to visit our FAQ page.