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Experience is the best route to teach emotional regulation, and emotional regulation is the best route to a fuller and happier life.

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Training for Parents/Educators

Education is the key to impactful guidance. Our comprehensive training sessions empower parents, schools, educators, and coaches to understand how every interaction and rule shapes a child's environment.

Psychotherapy for Child or Parents

Tailored support for your unique needs. Our experienced therapists offer counseling for both children and parents, utilizing various modalities to address challenges and promote healthy familial relationships.

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Immerse your child in the joy of sports! Our soccer, football, and basketball programs not only teach game fundamentals but also instill teamwork, leadership, and the importance of fair play. And YES! We take insurance for those who qualify.

Public Speaking

Join us in sparking conversations that matter. Invite us to your community for insightful discussions on the powerful relationship between sports/experience, social development, bullying, and mental health.

About Us and Our mission!

Utilizing the Sports Social Work Method, we're not just coaching sports; we're crafting futures. Our innovative approach blends the excitement of sports with therapeutic techniques, ensuring that every kick, pass, and basket contributes to the holistic development of children.

Explore the intersection of sports, social work, and therapy with us! Our team of dedicated professionals, driven by a passion for children's well-being, has curated a unique method that goes beyond the game to nurture essential life skills.

We believe in building more than just athletes. Our mission is to empower children with the tools they need to succeed not only in sports but also in life. By incorporating therapeutic skills, we address social and emotional well-being, laying the groundwork for a future filled with confidence and resilience.